Piano Keys
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Missy McCarthy


Pastor Missy joined the team in 2016 after she finished her MDIV at Colgate Rochester Divinity School.  She feels passionate about helping people know the transforming love and grace of Christ in their lives and growing deeper in their discipleship walk with God through the Holy Spirit.  She loves to joke, play with the kids and be in nature.

Mike Tyo

Musician Extraordinaire

Mike has served as our amazing musician! He has an amazing repertoire and the music he can compose on the fly is amazing!

Sue Gamet

Music Co-Ordinator

Sue is a multi talented musician, vocalist, and conductor. She joined our team and has brought the music to a new level, helping to bring new people together in our music ministry.

Ron Newton, Dean Dyer and John McCarthy

Multi Media Specialist

Ron is our tech guru!  He has gotten us up and running with screens in our sanctuary, but also helps us with whatever creative ways we envision technology in our service or in the building.  Dean and John have joined the team and helped us with Live streaming and zooming so we can stay connected and work out the new bugs each week!