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“Emmanuel: God with Us”

Adams United Methodist Church

Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church

Worship Bulletin

Pastor Missy McCarthy

Music: Sue & Craig Gamet, Mike Tyo, Sharon DelSignore


Isaiah 7:5-16

Matthew 1:22-25

Children’s Moment:

I want you to look through these glasses. What do you see?

Things look a little different then when you are not wearing them?

Empathy is when we try to see things from someone else’s view AND

feelings. When you try to put yourself in their place, so you understand

them. You don’t feel bad for them you feel WITH them. When we are

having a hard time, we never feel better when someone feels bad for

us, that makes us feel worse when someone pities us or feels bad for

us. What does help though, is when someone is with us in it. When

they know how we feel or understand what it is like to have skinned

their knee, or hit their elbow, or had a friend be mean to them or lose

their favorite toy. They don’t feel bad for us, they feel with us what is

going on – they really understand. That is why Jesus came, so that we

understand that Jesus really does get it to be one of us. Jesus is with

us. Not only that but after Jesus went back to heaven, he asks us to be

with other people in the middle of the things they are going through

just like he did with us. When we see someone who has fallen,

remember when you fell. What it felt like. What you wish someone

had done. Then do it. When you see someone sad ask why. Then

listen…you can’t fix it, but listening helps. We can’t fix things for other

people, but we can help them by being with them when they are having

a hard time. This week practice empathy with someone one time. Ask

your parents to show you the video links on our Facebook, webpage or


Reflection: “Emmanuel: God with Us”

Every year in church we hear the hymn O Come O Come

Emmanuel, and yet do we ever really wrestle with what that means?

Emmanuel literally means God with us but what does that really mean.

For Matthew who is writing this version of the story Jesus, it is fulfilling

a promise that God is with us in the midst of all we go through. So it

was vitally important to include that part of the angel’s message. That

Jesus’s birth and naming points all the way back to the promise Isaiah

made Ahaz. We only see the word Emmanuel twice in the Bible, once

in Matthew and once in Isaiah and yet, it is so especially important to

our understanding of Jesus.