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“In the need of healing”

Adams United Methodist Church

Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church

Worship Bulletin

Pastor Missy McCarthy

Music: Sue & amp; Craig Gamet, Mike Tyo

February 14, 2021 6th Sunday of Epiphany


Mike Tyo Original Work

Opening Prayer: 1

God of love and healing, we gather today to hear the words of

your love as you touch our hearts with holy balm. Open our hearts

and spirits and let your merciful spirit dwell within us that, having

heard the good news, we may bring that hope to others. AMEN.

Scripture: (Mark read by John Mantle)

Mark 1:29-39

Children’s Moment: (Healing, accessibility, band aids)

Have you ever gotten hurt and needed a band aide? It stings a bit

and you know it will get better eventually. Have you ever been hurt

where others can’t see it? Sometimes our feelings are hurt, or we feel

bad and can’t describe why. Both kinds of hurts need healing, but the

healing looks different. People came to Jesus for different kinds of

healing in our story this morning. People still come to Jesus for

different kinds of healing. This Sunday we celebrate Accessibility

Sunday. We try to remember that churches, buildings, and communities

of all types need to include all types of people no matter what, even if

they look different, even if they have booboos or need special

equipment, or act differently. Sometimes people look like everyone

else, but they act or behave differently, they don’t understand things in

the same way, or their bodies tell them things are different than most

other people understand them. We need to make sure we find ways to

help them feel like part of the community too and make room for them

to be themselves.

That was why so many people came to Jesus to be healed. Back in

Jesus’ day it was so hard to fit in. If folks thought you were sick or

disabled, they treated you different and sometimes they would not

even treat you like a person. Some people still do that today. That is

why so many folks wanted to be healed so they could belong to the

community. Jesus came to not only heal bodies, but to heal our