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“Messiah, Lord and King”

Adams United Methodist Church

Sulphur Springs United Methodist Church

Pastor Missy McCarthy

November 29, 2020 1 St Sunday of Advent Year B


Matthew 1:16-18

Luke 2:8-14

Children’s Moment:

Good Morning! We are starting the first Sunday of Advent this

Sunday. For church it is our New year. It means we get to light our first

candle of the Advent wreath and you get to go home with baskets with

fun Advent activities and a cool book for you and your family to use

during Advent with little things you can choose to do each week in it. If

you aren’t in church or won’t be able to come to Children’s time on

Wednesday, please stop by the church either on Tuesday or

Wednesday or give me a call so we can get your basket to you. We

decided to send these gifts home this year so that even if we can’t be

together physically each Sunday, we can still be together with virtual

worship and light our candles at home and here in the sanctuary

together. Even if we are apart the Holy Spirit connects us and we are

together and one family.

We celebrate “Hope” this Sunday. We have hope because Jesus

came into the world as our Messiah, Lord and King. Those are words

we don’t usually use except in church or sometimes we learn about

kings in school when we study history. These words can sound a little

confusing sometimes.

Remember at the beginning of the year when we made a little bit

of Olive oil and we added Frankincense and Myrrh to it? We use it to

anoint people in the hospital, or when we have a baptism. We use a

little of the oil, put it on our finger and put it on the person. Messiah is

a fancy word for anointed. For the Jewish people it meant a person

God had chosen to lead. By the time Jesus came though the title had

come to mean the great expected leader to free the people from Rome.

The people had hope that God would send them a King that would free

them. We know now that Jesus was a different kind of King, but even

today folks have trouble with what Jesus’ kingdom is and what it looks

like. As we start to count down towards Christmas this year, instead of

our regular scriptures, we are going to look at some of the names we

call Jesus in the Bible readings during our Christmas scripture and figure

out what those names mean and why it is so important for us to

celebrate that Jesus actually was born. Why it is important that God

came as a human being to be with us and give us hope, real hope to

hold on to. So, this week as we think about Jesus being our King, I want

you to think about what hope we have beca